• "Dr. Ahlswede ("Dr. Karl") has been a godsend to our family. He is truly a trailblazer who is helping people like us exercise some control over an inevitable life event -- how we die. We first read about Dr. Karl in the Philadelphia Inquirer (February 2011). We contacted him several months later to help us draw up advanced directives that address our desire to not prolong life if we are in a diminished state.

    Dr. Karl met with us in our home. He is an amazing person as well as an exceptional physician --- respectful, intelligent, caring, and impeccable in his ethical standards. His approach is comprehensive and thoughtful. He is generous in sharing his time and expertise. Indeed, Dr. Karl went far beyond our expectations. He helped us refine our advanced care directives to include those "gray areas" (such as dementia) that are not covered by the standard document. He suggested a meeting with our adult children, which was especially helpful. Their comments afterward were extremely positive and included remarks about "feeling safe" and reassured. Dr. Karl also provided guidance regarding our mother. He even met with her and collaborated with her physician. "

    Robert and Carole K.
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • "He's just an angel. I never knew there were doctors like this. We would have never got through this if it hadn't been for him."
    Barbara Kelly
    Northeast Philadelphia
  • "Dr. Ahlswede was a member of the surgical team that performed my heart valve replacement in 2009. As I recovered from my heart surgery in the intensive care unit, I recall looking up to see Dr. Ahlswede smiling down at me. It was a great source of comfort to see him there, knowing that I was in competent and caring hands, and that everything was going to be okay. I would put my life and well being in his hands in a heartbeat (pun intended)."
    Edward McGinley, III
    Villanova, Pennsylvania
  • "He seemed to know when to push ahead and when to stay the course; He helped to bring my dad back to us. Our family depended on the confidence that he had in what he was doing, but he never gave us false hope-he stated things clearly and gave us choices all along the way. We were fortunate to come out of this with my dad healthy again although my family is clear that we would not have survived this ordeal without the help of Dr Ahlswede."
    Margie G.
    Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
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